Stage Three – Resources

Here are some resources that I hope you find useful for the four content strands for Stage Three.


Australia’s Prime Ministers

This website covers the point of key figures that have been influential in the history of Australia’s democracy.  It provides profiles of all the Prime Ministers including pictures of each one.  More importantly however, it provides students with a clear understanding of the order in which the Prime Ministers sat in their position and a timeline of what they achieved.  When studying change and continuity in stage three this website would be a fantastic resource for students to gather new knowledge.


Australia Trek  –

This website uses the effective tool of discovering Australia in 10 squares all which interconnect to form one larger square.  The “history” square, provides students with a wide range of information, all of which relates to the content strand of Change and Continuity.  It provides students with Aboriginal Settlement, Colonial Exploration and Expansion and the effects of the Gold Rush.  This website provides students of a stage three level with adequate and appropriate information.


Making Australia Multicultural

This website is a fantastic resource for both students and teachers.  It provides teachers with examples of lesson and activities that students can participate in. For students this website provides an array of information relating the multicultural nature of Australia.  There are both audio and video clips of significant events and issue which have arisen in Australia’s past and there is also a timeline of these events.

Multicultural Activities

This website is very much orientated towards students, but it provides teachers with a great range of ideas which they can incorporate into both their class and the school community.  The website provides warm up games relating to languages but also provides activities which can aid students in developing an understanding of concepts such as racism.


Interactive Atlas

This website is a fantastic tool that can be used in the classroom.  It is an interactive atlas which provides information clips on a selected countries government, history, culture and the natural world.  I would highly recommend this as a starting point for students to further research a given topic.  While I have placed this resource in the content strand of Environment, it definitely overlaps and can be used in relation to other content strands.

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Pollution and Communities

This website is extremely useful for students who want to research policies that are in place to protect both natural and built environments within Australia.  For teachers that are looking for the more political aspect to protecting the environment this would be an excellent site to consider.  It covers issues ranging from coastal and marine problems to living sustainably.


Global Connections

This website is aimed just for students at a stage three level.  There are links provided to important and relevant websites such as the UN and the Red Cross.  However, it also provides worksheets, games and virtual tours of the airport.  All of these resources are extremely useful when teaching the content strand of social systems and structures.


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