What is HSIE?

How do you define HSIE?  What does it stand for? What are the components of HSIE?

This pages aims to answer these questions and provide an overview of what HSIE is using a variety of different sources.

HSIE is one of the six KLA’s covered within education and is an acronym for Human Society and Its Environment.  However, in other states within Australia it can be referred to as Studies of Society and Environment, Social Studies, Studies of Society and Citizenship Education.

It is an extremely broad topic and covers areas including the following:


How do teachers define HSIE?

“HSIE is the study of the environment and how humans interact with the world.  HSIE provides students with the opportunity to learn about the world around them.”

“Human Society and its Environment is defined as the study of how humans interact with different societies, both built and natural.  It encompasses the study of histories, geography, societies and culture and other human oriented sciences.”


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