Why is HSIE important?


Why should we teach HSIE?

This page contains my personal view as to why HSIE is so important to teach in the primary education system.


Firstly, I believe that through teaching the KLA of HSIE, students are provided and equipped with the knowledge and skills which allow them to become active citizens within their local and the wider community.  It teaches them life skills and allows them to understand all aspects within the world around them.  It aids them in becoming more aware of goods and services in the local community and how they themselves rely on these services.  Furthermore, students develop an understanding of the Government system and the extent to which people rely and depend upon the people who implement policies.


Secondly, HSIE gives students the opportunity to become embedded in their own and other people’s cultures.  As Australia is known for its multicultural society, the ability to learn about different cultures in a safe and non-bias context such as a school environment is an extremely relevant issue in today’s society.  Actively participating in this part of HSIE allows students to be more engaged with the world and gather an understanding as to how other people live and the belief systems behind different cultures.


Thirdly, when participating in this KLA, students develop a greater understanding of both built and natural environments.  Personally, I am extremely passionate about this aspect of HSIE and feel that it is essential for students be aware of how their actions and the actions of others can have an effect on natural environments around them and throughout the world.  I also feel that it is essential that students participate in some active process of protecting the local environment.  Schools and students can easily participate in events such as Clean Up Australia Day or National Tree Day.  Many schools now have a recycle system built into their community and some even have a vegetable garden or compost spot.


Overall, I think that HSIE is one of the most important and relevant KLA’s to teach within a primary context.  The broad nature of the topic ensures that students develop a wide range of knowledge.  But it is with this knowledge that teachers should encourage their students to become active members within society and make a change in the local and wider communities.


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